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This is exactly what I've been looking for. It's probably best information on GTA 5 I've been able to find, and I'm only a few sections in so far. The Combat MG m249 tip just made my night. Cheers fellas.
Jono Schwartz, Seattle, USA

Really good interface and definitely the most thorough assortment of information out there on the game so far. Much better than the junk you find on some of those free sites where half the stuff doesn't even work. The walkthroughs reveal so much more than I thought they would. You seriously can't find this stuff anywhere. Nice job.
Ranbir Bahl, Bristol, UK

Gotta say I was a little bit hesitant with the $27 price tag. However, GTA 5 Plus has proven to be absolutely worth it. I've cleared almost every mission, got a ton of cash (those investment strategies are excellent), and I am loving exploring the hidden features in the game you have revealed. Talk to you guys in the forum!
David Ho, Hong Kong

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